Bought JBL E80 Crossover for my ND310II - Will it work??

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by cstrong153, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    Hi! So I bought two used JBL ND310II on Craigslist for $150. I loved them! I have them hooked up to my old technics 5x100W surround sound receiver. I play them pretty loudly for parties in stereo mode by themselves. They worked great, but one day they were on for 6+ hours at more than half volume and they had a big meltdown. I noticed that my receiver went into overload mode while playing at a moderate volume. I also noticed they lacked highs and I opened up them up to find that both tweeters had literally melted the plastic housing holding them in. So I went on harman audio and found the tweeter model from the E80 page because they use the same tweeter. I bought two new tweeters, but still the receiver went into overload mode, and the tweeter doesn't make any noise when hooked up to one of my speajers, but it does the other. So that's what had me thinking the crossovers were bad. I took the bottom woofer out and looked at the crossovers. Some capacitors look blown out and it doesn't look good. So I went back to harman audio site and bought the crossovers that were listed on the page because the tweeters were the same, so of course the crossovers would be too, right???? :) Well, when I got them I realized the crossovers are different. The E80 ones have a lot more "stuff" on them. They also have two sets of red wires to be hooked up to posts because I assume the E80s have dual hookups in the back. Otherwise, they are about the same size and seem to use the same color-coding. So my question is, can I just put these crossovers in there and use them anyway? Will it work out OK? And if it will work OK, what should I do with the extra pair of red wires, and how do I know which pair to hook up to the posts? Thanks so much for the help! I have a party on Friday so I'm really hoping these crossovers will work out! -Chris

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