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    Hello all,
    I have three Borg display In wall touch controllers for sale along with some Borg network accessories, these items along with a few others I have on this forum were for a demo that I am left over with and need to sell off.
    The displays are not in their original packaging but still have their protective films on them, there are no scratches and they look brand new.
    I am open to any reasonable offers from anybody that would be interested and i am also posting the original price we had purchased them for to compare.
    The displays specs are:
    Borg Pro15a.4 - Intel Atom CPU, 4GB DOM, 2 GB RAM, 15 " LCD, 5 wire resistive touch screen, CNC acrylic bezel, Wi-Fi 802.11n Mini PCI, No XPe. Original Price : 1868 USD
    Borg Pro8gl - Intel Atom CPU, 4 GB DOM, 2GB RAM, 8" LCD, 5 wire resistive touch screen, CNC acrylic bezel with edge glow feature, WiFi 802.11n mini PCI, No XPe. Original Price : 1555 USD
    Borg Pro 8a - Intel Atom CPU, 2 GB DOM, 512 RAM, 8" LCD, 5 wire resistive touch screen, CNC acrylic bezel. Original Price : 1290USD
    The network accessories are:
    Borg AC-GOOO1 - 6" Mini Network Bridge: ethernet to serial/IR/power sensing/relay. Original Price : 150 USD
    Borg AC-GOOO2 - 18" Rack mountable network bridge, ethernet to serial/IR/power sensing. Original Price : 325 USD
    Best regards

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