Blue Valentine

Discussion in 'Movies' started by mattCR, Dec 11, 2010.

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    They held a test screening here in KC of "Blue Valentine" this week. I have to say, I am surprised at how effective this film is. Since we all said we would post no spoilers or direct information, I"ll stick by that. But both actors deserve real consideration for awards. I know this film had a lot of controversy surrounding the rating, and it deserves an "R" but there is nothing in this that even gets close to an NC-17 in my book. That isn't to say that the scenes that probably got it there aren't uncomfortable - they are. But they are probably some of the most real depictions of a situation I've seen on screen, ever. They actors really throw themselves into it, and it has a very significant "punch".

    This is really brilliant, tough, film making. I think it will get a lot of buzz; and it deserves it. It's not in my top-5 films of the year, but maybe Top10, I'd have to think about it. There are some problems with the story and structure I couldn't get past, and that hurts the whole presentation. But the performance by the actors is really very effective. If you're someone that needs to see films that will get Academy attention, put this on your list, because it deserves it.

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