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    Recently, I purchased a 25ft Component Cable from It took me about two hours to run it...only to find didnt work. After several emails and no response, I left negative feedback on Ebay for monoprice. Then I ordered a 30ft component cable from Blue Jeans Cable. It cost 10x as much as the one from monoprice....but the quality difference you can see right out of the box. BTW: a day after I left negative feedback for monoprice, they decided to send me a new cable free of charge.

    Comparing these two cables is like night and day. The monoprice cable looks like something cheap from Radio Shack. I guess you get what you pay for. The Blue Jeans cable is, literally, the size of my water house. It is HUGE. My fiance asked why I bought a hose since we had gone to home depot the week before.

    Picture quality wise...the blue jeans cable shows the brights in explosions and sharpness of colors much better. The test DVD was 'The Incredibles.' Let me just say that this was money well spent. Shipping time from the state of Washington to Georgia took TWO days..thats it!

    This seller is definetly worth dealing with. I will try and snap some pictures of the cable comparison and post them up here.

    -Shane J

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