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    While I have no home theater equipment to speak of (my DVD player is still connected to my CRT T.V. via coaxial splitter, for Frith's sake), the DVD companies, being the bastards that they are, have forced almost all of the extras that a fanboy such as I wants to see on the BR, I've decided, that with prices finally at manageable points, I'll begrudgingly have decided I might have to join the switchover. I have, however a few questions. I do know that some Blu-Ray players, hopefully most, are backwards compatible with DVD. I also know that Blu-Ray, like DVD before it, has the accursed region coding that film buffs have so come to hate. Can a BR player be simply hacked in the same way a regular DVD player can? If so, will said hack likewise allow me to play any region DVD? A quick look at the box tells me about various other features: Netflix Instant Viewing, wireless (a necessity for me, as I don't have Ethernet connections anywhere except the front room) and so forth.

    As an aside, how do I change my e-mail address in my profile if HTF wants to contact me?
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    As far as I know all BluRay players play dvd's and cd's.

    I don'tpay too much attention to the region thing but it looks like some hacking of BR players has occured, predominently the OPPO BDP-83 and 80.

    Don't know about your last question. PM Mike Frezon. I'm sure he has nothing better to do .

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