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    I have these to trade or better yet for sale

    Home of the Brave-Will trade for any Blu I dont have or will trade for Breakfast Club HDDVD

    I have these sealed & one open HDDVDs. I will trade all 3 for 1 Blu want. Might even throw in a $5 title or will trade one for Breakfast Club HDDVD
    Hollywood Land

    Talk To Me

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Opened

    I have these SD discs for sale (Amazon Gift card or Paypal gift) or to trade straight up for Blurays I want.

    Almost Famous - The Bootleg Director's Cut 3 disc w/ Stillwater CD $35 or 2 higher want Blu's

    Halloween restored limited edition 3d cover $12

    Big Trouble In Little China SE 2 disc $10

    Atlantis 2 disc collectors edition $12

    Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition) $7

    Monster Inc $10

    Hoosiers collectors edition 2 disc set $7

    Groundhog Day SE $7

    Prince Of Egypt Full bit rate DTS $7

    Mask of Zorro Superbit W/slip $7

    These below are Five for $20 or will trade 4 to 5 for one of my Bluray wants. I will also trade for just about anything I dont have.

    Air Force One Superbit $5

    Godzilla (Roland Emmerich) $5

    Logan's Run $5

    Go $5

    Under Siege $5

    Under Siege 2 Dark Territory $5

    Night Train $5 Light scratchs but plays fine

    Jaws DTS $5

    The Doors $4

    JFK SE Directors Cut Oliver Stone collection $5

    Six Days Seven Night $5

    Gremlins SE $5

    Saturday Night Fever 25th Anniversary edition $5

    Silence of the Lambs $5

    Transporter 2 w/ slip cover $5

    Die Another Day 2 disc w/ slip cover $5

    Xmen $6

    Xmen 2 $6

    Hot Dog; The Movie $5

    The Replacement Killers SE $5

    T2 Extreme Edition metal cover, inside art and plastic are missing $5

    Mission Impossible 2 $5

    The Greatest Story Ever Told 2 disc $6

    A Few Good men $5

    I'm looking for these Blu Rays
    Good Will Hunting
    Office Space: Special Edition with Flair
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    Romancing the Stone
    The Doors: Special Edition
    Can't Hardly Wait: 10 Year Reunion Edition
    I Love You Man
    Navy Seals
    Road House

    SD DVD wants
    200 Cigarettes
    Star Wars trilogy Limited edition
    For items sold Shipping is $2 for the first $1 for each additional
    I'm Open to offers

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