Blockbuster Total access versus netflix thoughts

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    the return in store is a very nice option, and I like getting new releases that way.

    On the other hand after returning my first mailed in movie, blockbuster didn't show it as turned in until it had arrived at their shipping facility, today, or at least that's when I got the email. and nothing has shipped out or is shown as shipping soon in my queue (I returned said movie Sunday night).

    It's sounds like a great idea but blockbuster just doesn't have the web infrastructure up yet.

    places where netflix is superior

    faster online updating and emailing of shipped movies
    You can actually manage your queue in netflix, it's tedious and frustrating to try to get blockbuster to do so.
    recommendations: blockbuster thinks its a good idea if all your recommendations are movies you've already rated.
    ease of use in the website.

    these are only initial impressions, Blockbuster is already a lot better than last spring, when I compared them and netflix with simultaneous trial periods but they've still got a way to improve, and the return in store so your movie ships sooner idea doesn't seem to be working ideally yet. Perhaps return in store and your movie ships two days later (or about how long it would take for them to receive a mailed version) is a better description.

    glad I only suspended my netflix account, I'll give blockbuster another month and then probably resume netflix.

    If blockbuster can get it working where I return a movie monday morning in store, and that afternoon my next movie ships, that would be awesome, as well as the impression their advertising gives.


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