Blackberry 9800 and BB Shield Info

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    Yes, I know there is a ton of iPhone love ;) but there are a lot of us who are not iPhone users for other reasons. Blackberry is preparing their 9800, which is likely my next choice in phone. Preserving the qwerty keyboard in a slide out format, full screen touch on a slide, and it will have full BIS connectivity.. which brings me to a point in a bit, after some photos:

    But what may really rock the house is a function in BIS that leapfrogs the BB to the top of the security heap again. "Shield" is going to be a must-have item for company phones.


    What's possible with this add-in to BIS, and also usable on a Personal PC?

    Lost phones can be rendered useless, showing messages from "LOST" to "Stolen" or whatever you want, and will do so with or without SIM.

    Phones can be remote wiped - all data on them destroyed remotely to prevent private information from falling into the wrong hands.

    Remote Lock - phone can be locked remote with a security code.

    Remote Backup over network to make sure that before you destroy what's their you can put it right back.

    Forwarding and control - the lost phone can flag a forward, so that calls to it are re-routed to a number you program in.

    These are great business oriented features.

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