BIRDSONG "Highly Recommended"

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    Sebastian Faulk's epic love story set against a backdrop of the WW I. Starring Eddie Redmayne (Pillars of the Earth) and Clemence Poesy (Harry Potter) who become involved in an illicit and all consuming love affair.
    The Bluray contains both parts 1 & 2 for a running time of 165 minutes. If you enjoy the epic type romances like "The English Patient" or "Out of Africa" you will enjoy Birdsong. The movie is not rated but based on a few scenes of upper body nudity and love making it would probably be rated "R". Lots of action typical of the trench warfare that took place in WW I but not overly gory. (More soldiers were killed in WW I than any other war. More than 80% of the casualties in WW II were civilians.)
    Video: 1080i
    Audio: DTS HD MA 5.1
    Video quality was excellent. The audio was mostly center during the dramatic scenes changing to surround and bass when the fighting took place. This is an excellent movie.

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