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    Well, before anyone says, "You need to get a life," I will say my evenings right now are wide opened and I have a lot of time to watch TV and read. Tuesday night I was at BORDERS in Clearwater, FL and I forgot the second season of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 was released. I picked it up off the shelf and bought a copy. This show is by far the best teens-with-issues drama I have ever seen. Originally, I didn't start watching it until the start of its third season. A great addition to the TV on DVD catalog. If anyone reading this has teenagers or children nearing their teen years, GET THIS SHOW on DVD!

    I'm through the first 6 episodes already (3 Tuesday night and 3 last night), and the acting is intense. The storylines are timely even by today's standards. I am a fan of Jason Priestley and with good reason, he is the best actor on the series. Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris are good too, but Jason makes me really believe his character is a real person. One of my favorite episodes of the second season, LEADING FROM THE HEART, showcases Jason's incredible talent when his paraplegic cousin Bobby comes to visit. I really think that if Jason Priestley got a good agent, he could contend with the best of Hollywood's elite at Oscar time. Some may laugh, but I have never been one to conform to others thoughts.

    One of the lighter moments came in the last episode of Disc 1. Brenda is talking with her parents about her home pregnancy test when Dylan arrives to take her out. When she answers the door she is holding the box for it in her hands. At first he doesn't see the box when Mrs. Walsh walks by. He says 'Hi' to her without knowing they were discussing the test. He then sees the box in her hands and says, "Uh..Bren, why do you have that in your..." She puts it behind her back when Jim comes by. "Dylan, it's nice to see you. Don't stay out to late." Dylan nervous and as if he was about to be strung up by his feet and lashed with a wire, says, "I swear to God we won't."

    Season 3 can't come out soon enough. Hopefully they'll announce season 3 very, very soon. Maybe for Christmas release. Pick this show up. You don't need a plane ticket to visit Beverly Hills. Just a DVD player.

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