Beverly Hills 90210 SEASON 3

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    I just saw the announcement. At least one of my two favorite TV shows is being released on DVD. I looked at the artwork on today and noticed the picture on the cover is the gang of West Beverly, but from the 4th or 5th season (college years). Shannen Doherty's hairstyle in the picture is from a season 4 or 5 style. All that aside, I hope that the songs in this version will be heard from the original broadcasts. Specifically, the piece from The Triplets called BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER which plays when Brandon, Brenda, kelly, Dylan, David, Steve, Donna, and Andrea head down the hill from the HOLLYWOOD sign to view their legacy, WEST BEV 93 on the HOLLYWOOD sign. Judging from the last two seasons, though, it could very well become a victim of rights wars and a new song be inserted. The home video release was a boring instrumental that really killed the mood of the scene in a very dramatic way. Hope they left it in on this release. Hopefully the listing price will appear as the time gets closer. Probably $49.99 again like the second season since it has the same number of discs that deason two has.

    Now if only FALCON CREST would start appearing on the horizon.

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