Best Songs for a new Daddy (baby girl)?

Discussion in 'Music' started by StevenGeorge236, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Folks, if you are making any kind of slide show or video for a new born there is one song and one song only to use as your soundtrack.
    Marc Cohn "The things we handed down". It's so beautiful, and the lyrics are perfect. Youtube this song right now. You won't believe how perfect it is !
    A close second is a Don Henley song, "Annebel". Awesome Awesome Awesome. Also all about a little child. Very Sweet.
    The last one might be better than all the Rest. So simple and perfect for a little baby.
    Joe Cocker "You are so Beautiful"
    I can't believe that not one of these have been mentioned in these posts.
    Almost all the other songs talk about their kids growing up, and going to school or whatever.
    All three of these songs, their is no story line. Just talking about the future. Which is perfect.
    (except for Joe Cocker, who literally sings maybe 3 different lines in the entire song, yet it is again...perfect.
    If you are making a 2 min video, maybe take 45 sec from each song. Keep it fresh.
    Congrats on the new baby.
    Steven George

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