Best place for DVD modification? Making DVD player Region Free

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Adam_Reiter, Jun 25, 2003.

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    Right now I am saving for the Denon 2900 to replace my piece of crap Pioneer DV-444 Dvd Player, which is just about the ONLY weak link in my system presently (other than no FP).

    But, after I get the 2900, I'd like to get the Denon 1600 off of eBay for the refurb units for $351 and send it somewhere to have it modifided to play all regions. I think this would be a serious 1 - 2 punch for my system to have the 2900 to cover DVDs, DVD-A and SACD, and then still have a kick ass DVD player to play other region dvds that aren't released in the US. For example SuperBit GODZILLA!! [​IMG]

    Anyone here have a place they know of? Or better yet, have a place they sent their DVD players to that did a good job and were trustworthy and respectable?

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