Best Of The Electric Company Vol. 2

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    I haven't gotten a chance to watch everything, but essentially this is 20 more episodes from throughout the run (though nothing from the final season). There are some nice extras, including (on Disc 1) a "Remembering The Electric Company" segment with several members of the cast (Luis Avalos, Jim Boyd, Judy Graubart, Skip Hinnant, Hattie Winston). Disc 2 has a documentary, listed as "The Electric Company" documentary, from 1975. It begins with the film footage that was used under the closing credits of some of the later episodes, then essentially discusses how the show was being used in schools as an educational tool at the time. The third disc has a short interview with Bill Cosby from "The Dick Cavett Show" (11/10/71) including a short clip from the series. Like the previous volume, each show has an intro and a "trivia fact" at the end, but this time the intros are done by different cast members (Jim Boyd, Luis Avalos and Hattie Winston on the ones I've watched) and the trivia thing at the end is also read by the cast member who introduced that episode.

    I did notice at least one episode is edited, presumably for some music rights issue. (I haven't looked at them all.)

    Episodes included:

    Disc 1
    12 (11/9/71)
    73 (2/2/72)
    150 (2/17/72)
    166 (12/11/72)
    197 (1/23/73)

    Disc 2
    223 (2/28/73)
    227 (3/6/73)
    230 (3/9/73)
    232 (3/13/73)
    253 (4/11/73)

    Disc 3
    322 (1/29/74)
    375 (3/29/74)
    502 (3/25/75)
    27A (11/25/75)
    35A (12/5/75)

    Disc 4
    57A (1/6/76)
    60A (1/9/76) (Edited)
    77A (2/3/76)
    105A (3/12/76)
    122A (10/6/75) (That date can't be right, can it?)

    It seems like the majority of these episodes were aired on Noggin...I don't have my list handy of which episode numbers Noggin aired at the moment; I'll try and dig that out and confirm...

    Definitely well worth having.

    The discs are also in individual slim cases (like the recent "SCTV: Best Of The Early Years" set), which I think is a little easier to manage.

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