Best Buy Upgrade and Save Sale -- active from 7/15/2012 - 8/11/2012

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    Again is time for some hopefully nice bargains. The YMMV Sale starts again -- dubbed b/c there are so many variations, allowances, denials from Store to Store and even within the same store that there are very few absolutes. I couldn;t find a dedicated thread but if I'm repeating just merge.
    BEST BUY UPGRADE AND SAVE PROGRAM (Begins 15 July 2012 through the end of business 11 August 2012)
    1) Trade in ANY DVD for a $5 credit toward purchase of any $9.99+ Bluray in stock.
    -- Limit 5 per visit. Per visit is most often interpreted as 5 per day per customer, but many people have just walked out and come back in immediately or later the same say with 5 more discs. Plenty of people have done far more than 5 at a single visit as long as the store allows the exception.
    -- No stacking of coupons. A Single $5 discount coupon is allowed per Bluray or Bluray boxset (it may be the only rule I've never seen stretched). A boxset of 3 movies will not allow 3 coupons.
    2) Trade in DVDs do not have to be same title as Bluray
    3) DVD must be a commercially produced discs (no burned copies)
    4) No adult DVD that are specifically XXX content whether they are rated XXX or not.
    5) Discs are supposed to have the original case and artwork and the discs are meant to be at least presentable -- the disc at least should look like it can be played. Many stores require the UPC to be intact. Some stores check things pretty closely (right disc, right case, right UPC, disc condition) and others just toss the case into the recycle bin without any screening (some people swear they traded in an empty case). [In reality discs in anything that look like regular case are often accepted by some stores including those is Blockbuster/3rd party cases with rental stickers and and nowhere near original artwork and UPC] So far most people have successfully used those Dollar Store DVD that some people (not me) have been able to find for 0.01-.025-1.00 each. Most of these are in slim cases or even cardboards slip, but if they have the original UPC and art there shouldn't be much problem.
    ** Are HDDVD or HD-DVD combo packs eligible? This has been a YMMV issue and some places people have been given credit for both type discs, others only if it was a combo, and some stores refused to consider it at all for the trade-in. If you run into this issue either try a different store or call 1-800 BESTBUY and see if they can clarify the issue for you or your Store Manager.
    ** Will they accept Blurays for trade -- so far this has mostly been denied, but there have been a few exceptions.
    6) Bluray -- all current and new release Bluray priced $9.99 or above should be included. Music Blurays were included in the April 2012 which is different than previous sales.
    7) Each store in the past had there own logistics of how to work the program. Most stores would make you stop at the entry and have your used discs stamped/marked/taped.
    -- Many stores had you bring the used DVD to the Service desk, check them out to make sure they met criteria and gave the customer a preprinted coupon(s) with a receipt attached to the coupon/barcode. Some stores gave the customer a Copied sheet of paper with the UPC bar code and attached receipt to 'activate' the sheet of paper. The coupon could them be exchanged at the regular register for the Bluray you were purchasing and the barcode automatically deducted the $5 at sale. This allowed you to take your coupons out of the store and purchase later. The expiration date on the official coupon is usually the last day of the sale (11 August 2012 for this sale). . If you are given a coupon with a receipt attached do not detach them or your coupon may well be disallowed.
    -- Some stores required you to bring/leave your DVD at the Customer Service desk, then bring your Blurays to the Service desk to complete the purchase. No coupons were given out so you had to exchange and purchase the discs the same day.
    -- Some stores would allow you to trade your DVD for a coupon at the Service Desk, but each coupon was marked/Dated and you were told it was only valid for the date on the coupon and in that specific store. [Only had this happen once and I have no idea what would have happened if I took the coupon to a different store or brought it back to the same store later.]
    8) Discounts are most often taken from the actual Selling Price of the Bluray on the day of purchase despite the fine print on the coupon saying "Discount taken from Regular Price." This has and will likely continue to be a contentious point until corporate absolutely clarifies the issue or changes the language. BBY ads often show discs with Sale Prices and then subtract the $5 U&S coupon so logically that should apply to all other discs.
    9) Price matching and using $5 coupon is a big YMMV since this can be most certainly considered combining offers or double dipping much in the same way that PM and getting a gift card for purchase is often considered doubling up. This is one argument I actually find hard to argue with though it's worth trying. Since the U&S is considered a Store coupon it should be applied to the price before trying to PM unlike a Manufacturers coupon (this difference is spelled out very specifically in Target and other stores coupon use policy).
    10) There should be absolutely no arguments about using Reward Zone certificates during purchase.
    11) Additional Manufacturers Coupons SHOULD BE allowed and should be considered the same as cash or a gift card on top of the $5 Promo. This doesn't mean it won't be argued and it certainly doesn't mean it will be accepted, but according the Best Buy own Corporate Reps, the use of MQ should never be questioned whether it's a sales price or pricematch or promo.
    Multiple times the Best Buy Corporate Employees have had to repeat the phrase
    "The store should honor the coupon, even with the price match. Any valid manufacturer’s coupon displaying the manufacturer’s address, a barcode, and labeled as a Manufacturer’s coupon at the top should be accepted on the product listed, regardless of the price."
    12) Buying a disc this week and in hopes of applying the coupon next week will work, but it should work as a return/Rebuy so if the price is higher next week it may not always save you money. As usual there is some YMMV whether some stores will allow you to repurchase the same disc unless the store has current stock. The same can be said of ordering discs online for pick up at the store -- some stores have allowed a return/rebuy to add the coupon and some stores have refused to do this.

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