Best Buy selling the PN51D8000 including Free Pair of 3D glasses and Blu Ray player for $1480,- + Ta

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    Have been shopping around for a while now and finalyl decided to Call BB to see if they would match Amazon with their price. BB doesn't match prices with Internet sites so I asked for the price of the TV (knowing at it's listed for $1699,- on and to my surprise they said that it's costing $1499,- and I should try BB headquarters to see if they were willing to match Amazon. Called BB directly and they said that they can't match and they were sruprised that the local BB stored had the TV for CHEAPER than online BB. After a little bit of chit chat I was told that they are selling the TV plus a Pair of glasses and a BluRay player for $1480,- + Tax!!!! That is actually CHEAPER than Amazon. Paid around 1600 with taxes. It's being shipped directly to me via BB. Definitely the best deal I have found. The glasses are the 3305 glasses (nothing spectacular) and a BluRay with "wifi-ready" built in. Ray P.S.: I had to call headquarters to get this deal because the local stores didn't know anything about it.

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