Been a while and have the UPGRADE bug...

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Angelo_Petralba, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Hello all again-

    I have a budget of around $2500.00 for a new TV.

    Right now I have a 53" Letterbox RPTV (Hitachi 53SDX...)

    I want to move this TV to the spare room and get a 16:9 TV that is somewhat Future proof with all these new things I hear (HDMI, BluRay, DVI..ect..)

    My Goal is to go bigger than my current one and can do at least 720P.

    The Hitachi I have freaks out everytime I switch the Adelphia Cable Box to 720P/1080i, there is a LOT of ghosting and the menus are SUPER BLURRY. It sucks because when i bought this TV 5+ years ago, I was promised that it will display HDTV program without any far the best i can do is 480P.

    As far as my Video Source is concerened,

    I still have my Sony Receiver, my Toshiba DVD Player and my Parasound amp..

    I would really like to be able to add the new PS3 or Xbox 360 and my PC so I can play games, browse the net and be able to view 720p or 1080i from my Cable box..

    What are my Options at this pricepoint?
    Do I need to Upgrade my Receiver and DVD Player as well??


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