BBC Entertainment Press Release: AFRICA: Eye To Eye With The Unknown (Blu-ray)

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    The Continent You Think You Know…
    As You’ve Never Seen it Before

    Street Date: February 26, 2013
    Suggested Retail Price: DVD $24.98 ($37.48 in Canada)
    Blu-ray $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)
    Length: Approx. 360 mins + bonus material / 3-disc set (DVD)/ 2-disc set (Blu-ray)

    New York – January 31, 2013 – 553 cameras. 100 days on horseback. 6,526 anti-malarial tablets. Just under 50 tons of kit carried. Executive Producer and Primetime Emmy® Nominee Michael Gunton (Life) and his team of dedicated filmmakers utilized all of this and more to bring you Africa, roaring onto Blu-ray and DVD on February 26, 2013 from BBC Home Entertainment. Four years in the making across 27 countries, Africa is the latest landmark Discovery Channel/BBC co-production to combine groundbreaking technology and dedicated filmmaking to produce a view into this mystifying continent as you’ve never seen it before. Narrated by renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, this extraordinary 6-part series takes you to epic, never-before-seen locations and captures the incredible new behaviors of the creatures that struggle to survive in a rapidly-changing Africa. Africa premiered on Discovery Channel and currently airs Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT.
    Africa is home to some of the most extreme, beautiful and diverse habitats in the world – not to mention the creatures that inhabit them. The series travels to the last great gathering place of the rhinoceros and encounters male leaf-folding frogs in the Gola Forest fight for dominance… by kick-boxing. It captures up-close footage of chimps hunting for honey in the Congo using four different tools as well as brave lizards hunting for flies from the backs of sleeping lions in the Serengeti. From the deserts to jungles, the mountains to the valleys, from St. Croix Island, home to the largest breeding penguin colony in Africa, to the depths of the Dragon’s Breath Cave – the largest underground lake in the world – the series is a stunning journey through the spectacular continent of Africa.
    Bonus Features include:
    · Over 70 minutes of exclusive material including an exclusive interview with Sir David Attenborough, Interviews with Executive Producer Michael Gunton, Series Producer James Honeyborne, and Cameramen Martin Colbeck and Richard Matthews
    · Exclusive Unseen Footage from the Harenna Forest (an area in Ethiopia within a portion of the Bale Mountains)
    · Making-of featurettes
    · Outtakes
    · Deleted Scenes
    Publicity images and box art available to download from our press site:
    About BBC Worldwide Americas:
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