Barcode Scanner?

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    May 22, 2012
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    The TT-BS003 arrived at the offices in a rather small box and was a snap to set up. Inside was the Scanner Stand, Documentation which includes programming codes for the TT-BS003, and the Scanner itself. The cable is standard USB and a straight cord about 6 feet. The TT-BS003 costs by delivering support for USB interfaces .I simply plugged the TT-BS003 into my laptop, and Windows Vista simply installed it. It doesn’t need the drive, and the TT-BS003 is very simple Plug & Play right out of the box. I grabbed a few items scattered around and began scanning, directly into a Word document. The TT-BS003 has a very fast scan rate and I even scratched up some bar codes to put it through the paces. No problems arose.
    I am very impressed with the scanner and it even has a great price point of around $50 on Amazon. I may have to get one to catalog my library of books and DVDs, as searching by hand is not cutting it anymore.

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