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    Last summer my Sanyo PLV-Z5 (only a few months old) overheated, thermaled, and powered off. I could not power it back on. According to the manual, there is an error indication that should have happened before it got that hot. If, for example, the filters are dirty, it should power off with blinking red lights and should be able to power back up after it cools down. The filters were not dirty but that's irrelevant since the error that would have protected it didn't happen anyway. Long story short, Sanyo has refused to cover the damage to the projector (heat damage to LCDs). All they did was reset the thermal and send it back. Not only that but they eventually refused to even answer my emails and when I asked their service manager, Daniel Rasmussen, to talk to his manager he refused to tell me who it is. I finally filed a report with the Better Business Bureau in LA County and their final answer is simply that they don't cover damage from overheating. It doesn't seem to matter why it overheated.
    Anyway, it looks like I'm getting nowhere with this so I thought I could at least share the experience. It's not that they just wouldn't fix it but it was handled very badly. They would not acknowledge the error that should have happened, and simply shut off communication on the subject. I will certainly not buy another Sanyo product.

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