Awesome Six (6) Miller & Kreisel (M&K) Speakers Set for sale (1 M&K K-9 sub, 2 M&K K-4T, 3 M&K K-7)

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    For sale is a set of five speakers and one subwoofer. These are classic M&K, and if you know of them, then you know how amazing this system is. Read this review to learn more: I am moving across the country and sadly cannot afford to ship my beautiful speakers. For sale are: - One pair (2) M&K K4 Tripole surround speakers List price (MSRP): $450.00 (pair) -Three (3) M&K K7 surround speakers List price (MSRP): $250.00 (each) -One M&K K9 Subwoofer List price (MSRP): $550.00 As you can see, this total set adds up to around $1,750.00. But, I am moving and priced these to GO. I am also willing to throw in an Onkyo HT R940 surround receiver that goes with them. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. M&K K-4 Description The K-4 Tripole™ allows multichannel audio enthusiasts to enjoy M&K's exclusive Tripole technology at its most affordable price ever in in a very compact size. The Tripole design provides a very even "illumination" of sound throughout the listening area, meaning listeners can sit anywhere in the room and hear superior imaging and surround quality from the surround channels. The K-4 speaker is specifically designed for surround channel use in a home theater environment, and shares all of the technology and is timbre matched to the rest of the K Series. M& K-7 Description For those who need more performance than the K-5, the K-7 satellite is the choice, delivering greater output, power handling, and dynamic range. Standing 5-1/2" taller than the K-5, but with the same width and depth, it gains its performance advantage through the addition of a second treated paper cone woofer. Like the K-5, the K-7 features an M&K phase focused crossover network and full magnetic shielding. It's response extends from 80 to 20 kHz with an extremely flat ±2.5 dB. M&K K-9 Description The K-9 Powered Subwoofer gives you incredible output capability in a small package. This remarkably tight and musical sounding subwoofer uses a special, brand new 8" long-throw treated-paper driver, with a very conservatively rated 75 watts continuous M&K-designed amplifier that delivers well in excess of 150 watts peak, thanks in part to M&K's exclusive headroom maximizer circuit. For full flexibility, This subwoofer has both line-level and speaker level input, and with M&K's sealed-box Deep Bass design delivers a very deep low frequency extension. ABOUT M&K "Offers the best of both worlds, directly radiated sound - ideal for music - and a diffuse rear soundfield, replicating the loudspeaker arrays used in cinemas " -- Home Cinema Choice Like all M&K loudspeakers, the K series benefits from M&K's legendary quality control system. Consider that some manufacturers of competitive systems test only a small percentage of the units they build -- meaning that some customers take home some speakers that have never been tested. But with M&K, that will never happen. You have the assurance that every single speaker in your system has passed the same battery of tests as our professional studio monitors. Our quality control team, using the world's most advanced test equipment, carefully measures and listens to 100% of the loudspeakers we produce, verifying that they meet the industry's highest technical and aesthetic standards. This is why we offer a 10 year limited warranty on satellite speakers and subwoofer drivers, and a 5 year limited warranty on subwoofer amplifiers and electronic components

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