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    Nov 16, 2003
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    I am really stuck at the moment and am wanting some help on purchasing a home theatre system. I wish to get a 5 disc dvd with PAL 'progressive scan', but i have noticed that not to many here in Australia have it.
    I was looking at the:
    Yamaha C740 5 disc dvd
    Sony DVPNC625 " "
    Yamaha CX1 which does have prog scan.

    Now i am leaning towards the C740 as it is reasonably good quality, i would probably have to buy a separate single disc dvd with prog scan and possibly DVD-audio and SACD.

    I would love to get the CX1 or a comparable to the C920 in the states but over here we are not so lucky with pricing. For example, the CX1 and the C920 equivalent are about AU$2000 or US$1450.

    Can someone please help me with either some advice or options. I am looking for feedback on the yamaha range.

    It would obviously have to be able to be converted to multi-zone so i can watch zone 4 dvds from here.

    Thanks anyone [​IMG]


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