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    You look like a real expert on media rooms so I would really appreciate your advice. We are looking to convert two small single bedrooms (each size 10' x 9') into a single dedicated media room by knocking out a separating wall. This means that the room would be a long, narrow rectangular room of approximately 20 feet in length x 10' in width. Is this size OK or is it too small for a 5 foot projector screen? The two bedrooms currently have doors opening out on to a rear hallway that is an additional 4 foot in width and extends down to the laundry. We were wondering whether (or not) we should knock all the walls down and have the media room extended in size to approx 20 feet in length x 12 feet in width. There are windows along the hallway wall (facing the rear garden) but we could block these out with security screens. What is your advice about the size of our prospective media room and what do we need to do to ensure that the area is suitable insofar as acoustics is concerned? :huh:

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