Audiovox heralds in 4 new XM receivers

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    Thursday January 6, 8:01 am ET
    The Company Reinforces Its Position in the Satellite Radio Market by Acquiring Satellite Radio and High Definition Related Technologies of Terk Technologies Corp.

    HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tom Malone, Senior VP, Sales of Audiovox Electronics Corporation (AEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation (Nasdaq: VOXX - News) announced today the introduction of four XM satellite radio models, saying that these products would expand the sales and profit options in satellite radio for Audiovox's retailers. Malone also announced that AEC, in December, signed a letter of intent to acquire certain assets comprising the business of Terk Technologies Corp., a leading provider of satellite radio receivers and digital antenna products. The Company has an agreement in place to provide existing and develop future car stereo aftermarket products for XM.
    The competition among the two satellite radio companies has given this emerging format an expanded public awareness. Both companies continue to sign personalities to enhance their content options, the most recent for XM being Opie and Anthony. "We are enthusiastic about being part of the XM solution, and feel that the continuing growth of this medium will result in a successful partnership between Audiovox and XM," said Malone.

    The new XM Models are:

    Receiver XR9 Receiver featuring a digital
    wireless FM transmitter with 14 built-in
    selectable frequencies, small low-
    profile design, large 6-line LCD display
    with blue backlighting. Other features
    include memory capture which stores 24
    favorite songs and when activated will
    search all incoming channels for those
    songs, listing and search-ahead
    capability by channel name, artist name,
    or song title, scrolling sports scores
    and stock ticker and time-based
    functions including on-screen clock,
    alarm and sleep timer. MSRP: $99.

    Docking Stations XC9 Mobile Dock: Features include sleek,
    low-profile, adjustable mounting
    bracket, small magnetic roof-mount
    antenna, cigarette lighter power
    adapter, 3.5mm jack for direct connect
    to aftermarket radios via RCA input*.
    MSRP: $49.99 * SATRCA needed.

    XH9 Home Dock: A counter-top, desktop
    docking station featuring AC-DC power
    adapter, RCA adapter cables and
    adjustable indoor-outdoor antenna with
    21-foot cable. MSRP: $49.99.

    Boom Box XB9 BoomBox: The "take-anywhere" answer
    for satellite radio service wherever
    it's needed. Works as a portable with 8
    D-cell batteries or indoors with
    supplied AC-DC power adapter. The unit
    also has a built-in charging circuit
    that can be used with off-the-shelf
    rechargeable batteries. Features Class-D
    amplification for enhanced sound
    reproduction, digital volume control
    with remote volume capabilities and Aux
    input for MP3 (or other peripherals)
    hookup. Additional features include
    headphone output. LED indicator for
    power On and Low Battery alert.
    Integrated antenna with 21 feet of cable
    is removable when BoomBox is used
    indoors. MSRP: $99. (Available Early

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