Audio issue with Bose CineMate and Philips HDTV

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    Jan 27, 2012
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    Hi folks, I'm a rookie here, so forgive the dummy mistake, but.... I have a Phillips HDTV and a Bose CineMate II. I do not know the model number for the TV, but it is a 1080p model that I bought from Target 2 yrs ago. Trouble is, the TV has no audio-out jack except for the headphone jack. So, I run the Bose through the headphone jack and it works ok (meaning, I can hear the TV, even if the quality is nothing special.) I have used this setup for a while now, but I am considering upgrading the TV to something newer and a main driver of doing this would be to get better sound. So, two questions- the first of which is the most important: 1. If I had a TV with an optical audio port (which I can use with the Bose system), would I recognize an improved sound quality from the headphone jack? 2. Any suggestions on TVs? I want a 47-50", 1080p, great image and sound. I don't need too many fancy features. Thanks in advance.

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