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    Here's a thread I thought we might try. Let's list lines or moments from films where the live audience actually laughed out loud! If you've seen a movie 100 times, you think you know exactly where the laughs are, right? But think of those opening day audiences that have no idea what to expect. Laughter can be spontaneous or totally misplaced! But sometimes when I'm going through dvds of films I saw in the theater, I remember exactly how the audience reacted in any number of shots. I want to hear what you remember too. The rules are these: 1) It has to be a movie you actually saw in a theater, not just on home video. 2) It doesn't have to be a line that you laughed at--just that somebody laughed at. Here a few of my examples:

    1.) Thelma and Louise: For some reason the audience howled when the detectives were watching surveillance footage of Louise holding up the liquor store. I think it's because she was repeating verbatim Brad Pitt's "how I'd hold up a bank" dialogue which the audience probably thought he meant as a joke in the first place--

    2.) Star Wars: In 1977 the audience was so in awe of that movie that they watched it in relative silence. The only thing I remember was a slight chuckle when R2 gets zapped by the Jawa and falls on his face. In 1997 when the Special edition was out, Star Wars was an international institution, and the audience was more relaxed. At that time they laughed very loudly at Luke's whining "But I was going into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!"

    3.) The Purple Rose of Cairo. The audience I saw it with was very polite--they didn't quite know what to make out of it. But they fell apart when Zoe Caldwell snapped, "I'm a real live countess with a lot of bucks--and if that's your wife, she's a tub of guts!" They also laughed when the maid mumbled "Somebody's tryin' to hussle me!"

    4.) The Poseidon Adventure: On opening day it was taken very earnestly by the viewing public. It didn't look campy until many years later. So the audience sat quietly, viewing it as serious drama. The one laugh they allowed themselves was the sight of the upside-down urinals, however--

    5.) Titanic: Speaking of sinking boats...for some reason the audience thought the sex scene in the car was hysterical and over-the-top. Guess there weren't too many romantics in the audience that day. And when they made the handprint in the fogged glass, that really set my audience to laughing hysterically.

    6.) 9 to 5: There were lots of laughs that day, but the best one came when Lily Tomlin was dressed as a doctor and told the candy striper to piss off. Other big laugh lines occurred when Dabney Coleman was seen watching Days of Our Lives and at Jane Fonda's misunderstanding of "M&M's."

    7.) It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World: I saw it as a child in its 1970 re-release. The first and best laugh of the evening came when the black couple is forced off the road and all their furniture drops off the back of the truck. The audience sustained their laughter all the way down the hill. And when the husband said "I didn't want to move to California," a black woman in the audience shouted back: "Amen to that, brother!" Then the audience really let off! I think it was doubly funny because her comment was so unexpected, and because we happened to be in California at the time: a place where people do nothing but complain about the traffic!

    8.) Beauty and the Beast: my audience thought it very, very funny when Cogsworth wiped the fog off his glassed clock face with his "hands."

    9.) Romy and Michele's High School Reunion: the audience laughed a lot, but they laughed biggest during the dream sequence when the 90 year old Romy raised her feeble hand to flip Michele the bird.

    10.) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: it was basically a comedy, and the biggest laugh came when Spock used his Vulcan nerve pinch on the obnoxious punk rocker on the bus.

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