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    Has anyone used this online retailer? If so, what are their positives and negatives with regards to ordering, shipping, customer service, etc.? Not just what the website has or offers. Thanks.

    I can give several comments: They are slow to answer customer service e-mails (they admit some of it gets filtered as SPAM!). Their FAQ isn't thorough. If you want to call them, you have to call long distance (so use your cell phone's free long distance minutes). But they do indicate if a DVD is anamorphic widescreen and that's a plus for 16:9 TV owners!

    Update: I sent three online forms and never got a reply. I then send them direct e-mail and got a reply saying they get hundreds of e-mail (including spam) a day and my e-mail might have gotten deleted. Can spam be sent via an online form? They need to change their claim that all e-mail will be answered within 24 hours.

    They also say it can take up to 3-5 days for an order to ship from the time the order is placed. Add this to the FAQ!

    Next update: They were professional and called me to inform me about something about my order.

    Next update: For inexplicable reasons, there are some DVD titles where there is text within the movie (a title card, coda, etc.; they're in the native foreign language), but there are no English subtitles for that text! What kind of DVD sold for U.S. use has omitted subtitles on a foreign language film? A carelessly produced one. The text description on their web site for these titles most likely do not reflect this omission (I don't know if ALL titles with foreign text have this error)! It might say "English subtitles" but that's not 100% true. (Another company selling Asian DVDs has the same summary omission in their description. Beware! Ask first (if you can get through)! Upon finding this out, offered a full refund plus my shipping costs. That is professionalism.

    I only have two arguments against the reasons why we should shop here list:

    1. "Quick Delivery" - They ship Priority Mail but it took them about five days after I placed the order to ship (they were supposedly "in stock"; all except one). They do say it can take 1-5 business days to ship. USPS took ONE WEEK to get it to me via Priority Mail. Some "priority" huh?

    2. "Highly Responsive Customer Service" - Uh, on the surface, no. On several rare occasions when I e-mailed them direct (as opposed to using their online form) I got a response. All other times I got nothing. Yes, they did call me once and offered to refund shipping, but it took awhile to get that response.

    Update 12/22: Boy, in one experience, I get to experience every aspect of dealing with this business. I sent a disc back on 12/11 via 1st Class Mail and I have yet to hear from them or see a credit. E-mailing them several times has resulted in NOTHING. Their online contact form also doesn't work for several days now. And another e-mail just got bounced back because "user unknown." Uh oh.

    Update 12/27: Their online form is still not working and their e-mail address doesn't work.

    Update 12/28: I finally just called their long-distance number at 8:30 a.m. PST and was forwarded to a guy's personal voice mail system, so I left a message. It did not mention anywhere in the greeting. They don't post their business hours on their site either. The BBB is the next avenue...

    Update 1/2/05: I finally got an e-mail from them after I asked the owner of DVD Price Search (where I was referred to from) to ask his contact what's going on. He got through and they finally contacted me. The company was going through new ownership and their system was being upgraded so my voice message was going to the CEO's voice mailbox. I think a message on the home page should notify customers about this. Anyway, still no word on my return.

    Update 1/5/05: I got another e-mail asking for my name, credit card, e-mail, etc. again so that when they receive it, they will give me the credit. There's nowhere to say how much credit so I hope they credit me my postage, too, like they said they would.

    Update 1/7/05: No credit yet...

    Update 1/10/05: I received an e-mail saying that the refund was finally issued to me.

    Update 1/12/05: So far the credit has not appeared on my credit card account. gave me a refund for something on 1/11 and I received it already. What's taking so long? I know it's only two days but if Amazon can do it in one... Is it because is a smaller company? Also, no word from the BBB yet but it could take up to a month.

    Update 1/13/05: FINALLY! I received my credit which includes the return postage. It took about 1.5 months to get this resolved!

    So if you are considering doing business with, make sure you really know what you are buying so that you do not have to return anything! Or find out beforehand if their return procedures won't take this long.

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