Arizona's Little Hollywood -- highly rcommended

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    I am easily bored by most movie histories and rarely finish reading them. Not this time. I consider Arizona's Little Hollywood the best book on early westerns ever written and one of the most informative histories of early filmmaking. Joe McNeill is not merely a movie buff, he is a real nuts-and-bolts researcher who understands the day-to-day reality of the production process. And he's a discerning historian of Arizona, too. It helps to have a story no one has told before, and this book is full of surprises. Think you know the history of Stagecoach? McNeill contributes substantial new information about that film, too.

    The book has a website:

    and the author has a blog that's worth keeping up with: You can also buy it on amazon: Of course, the history of early westerns and film making in southern Arizona is another story.

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