Aragon 2004 & Acurus 100x3

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    Two very nice, look almost new, amps that sound great adn look even better. Been using them to beef up my HT experience adn wow, do they even do just that!

    The Acurus is the much sought after 3 channel with 100x3 at 8 ohms. Clean and works as expected with that classic Acurus presentation. Really wakes up the extra mains I have been running. No flickering in the on light. No scratches either. $350 + shipping (fedex). Do not have the original box but this amp will be packed in an even better box.

    Aragon 2004..... Very good looking, beefy amp with a solid presentation. Drives my #1 mains, making them really sing. I always have this amp on as its dynamics are so addictive. This one is a Mondial build, dual mono amps and the beefy appearance makes its rack companions look small. Expect a near perfect condition. 100w x 2 at 8 ohm, with that doubling at 4 ohm. Had it both ways but am currently running it at 8 ohm load.
    $450 firm + shipping from 38006. 44 Lb shipping weight.

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