Apps with unchangeable text sizes -- The Daily is the newest offender

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ted Todorov, Feb 3, 2011.

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    You'd think that some designers/developers are horrified by allowing the user to change the font size -- and some of these are major undertakings.

    The Daily on the iPad is the newest offender. Considering the huge deal being made about it by the News Corp. and Apple how can it be missing such fundamental feature?

    The new official Twitter app on Mac OS X also -- just bizarre -- Twitter on iOS lets you change font sizes, but not on the Mac??????

    The Project -- another iPad only mag with frozen fonts.

    Others do allow you to change the size but only a little, like the NY Times iPad app (which continues to be crash prone bug factory).

    You'd think pixels were made of gold...

    Why can't they all be like The Economist on the iPad with its wonderful pinch/zoom text size handling?

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