Anyone know who owns these titles...

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    ...and/or the chance of seeing them on DVD? I know a few are a real stretch (I'm a Carmen Electra fan so I'd like Singled Out but that's doubtful at best) but anybody else want to see some of these on DVD?

    Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise (Artisan)

    Baywatch: Season 8 (TriMark/Lions Gate?)

    Baywatch: White Thunder At Glacier Bay (TriMark/Lions Gate)

    California Heat (MTI)

    Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (Paramount? - old CBS/FOX)

    Inside Sports Swimsuit Spectacular (TriMark? - old Real Ent)

    The Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Human (W: 1.85:1) (Columbia/TriStar? - expired contract? not sure is selling it anymore)

    Poison Ivy (1985 with Michael J. Fox)

    (Universal? - VHS is from GoodTimes)

    Quarterback Princess (Paramount? - old CBS/FOX)

    Singled Out: The Best Of Carmen Electra (Paramount)

    Teen Wolf (W: 1.85:1) (MGM/UA)

    Trancers II (W: 1.85:1) (Full Moon)

    Van Halen: Live Without A Net (Warner Bros.)

    WWF Armageddon 1999 (Paramount)

    WWF No Way Out 2001 (Paramount)

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