Anyone have service menu experience on a Loewe?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Kevin Robinson, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. Kevin Robinson

    Dec 23, 2001
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    I've been having this problem with my non-HD Loewe Calida for some time now (see my previous posts). Basically the geometry is slightly skewed. There is a slight bowing effect on horizontal lines so that the top of a letterboxed image turns slightly downward at the edges of the screen and turns upwards on the bottom at the edges of the screen. My dealer tried to explain this as an inherent problem with a curved picture tube as opposed to a flat Sony display, but I would swear my Loewe hasn't always looked like this. l get a completely straight line only in the middle of the picture. Honestly, its difficult to see a problem in fullframe presentations, but as soon as there's a straight horizontal line (letterbox, horizon line, test patterns, credits) I can see the slight bowing. For a T.V. thats excellent in every other respect, this is driving me nuts!
    I know how to access the service menu of my set and know to be careful when doing so. I've written down all the preset values. However, in playing with the geometry, nothing seems to solve this problem. Any ideas?

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