Anyone have any info on DIGITALVIDEOFORLESS.COM

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    I have been looking at this site for some time and been talking to the owner for sometime now also. They seem to have very good prices. I have been looking at buying the panasonic pt-47wx53 from them. They have this TV for $1348.61 shipped total price. The guy I have been talking to seems well informed and seems honest to all of my questions and answers them promptly. They carry some of the higher end Pioneer and Toshiba RPHDTV's also like the Toshiba cinema series and the Pioneer Elites.

    Here is the web page:

    Just add the www to the front. I can not post links yet because of the number of posts I have.

    If you have dealt with them at all please let me know. And if you have not, they may be worth taking a look at. They have a phone # you can call, which is always nice.

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