Any opinions on Samsung TSK3092WF?

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    Here are the basics from Samsung's Web site.
    - 3D comb filter, 800 lines of horizontal resolution
    - 16:9 aspect ratio
    - Pure Flat 480p display format
    - Picture in Picture (PIP) with 2 tuners and double screen
    Now I know the set isn't HDTV ready. But for the next three years, that isn't much of a problem since we've had HDTV for a couple of years and the availability is flakey at best, and in Canada's case, almost nonexistant.
    I have a ton of widescreen DVDs in my collection, and I would appreciate seeing them in their native resolution or very close to it until HDTV gets their act together and the prices come down to a realistic level. Getting a 480P set could be a nice alternative for now, and it would suit my current needs very nicely.
    So does anyone own this set? How was the experience? Is it still working or has it broken down prematurely? Have you ever had it professionally calibrated? How were the results? If you've ever been in the service mode, are the settings straightforward or are they a mess?
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