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Discussion in 'Displays' started by smithb, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Thinking about upgrading to a larger screen. I've had an HT setup in my basement since 2004. My current screen is a 92" Vutec Silverstar that I purchased in the beginning when it first came out and they had deals available. I'm on my second projector, a Sony VPL-HW10. The room is completely light controlled (no windows) with blue upper walls and ceiling and burgundy carpet. The lower side and back walls are burgundy fabric covering rigid fiberglass. The front wall is completely black speaker fabric covering rigid fiberglass. And the front two feet of the ceiling is black speaker cloth. There is also rope lighting behind the screen for ambiant lighting. The room is 15' wide by 18' long with a single row of HT recliners about 14' back. The way the front wall is constructed to hide the speakers along the side limits how much large I can go. The Silverstar has a lot of punch and while i normally watch movies and TV with no lighting but the ambient lighting behind the screen, I watch sports with lights on the side walls dimmed. My idea is to increase my screen from 92" to 104". However, at this time I am some what limited on how much I can spend. I could manage $700 to $800 for a screen like a Carada. My questions are: - What screens would be recommended for my environment that would be best and still have some punch when watching sports with a little extra lighting from the sides? - Will any screens provide a simuilar performance as I am used to in the $800 price range for 104" - Would I be best suited to wait it out and stick with my Silverstar until I can afford more to go with a more expensive screen? While getting a larger screen would be nice, i don't want to sacrifice quality of viewing just to get bigger if my budget can't support it right now.

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