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    Some observations of an unsuccessful, first time fp buyer (me) on a recent visit to a local home theater store:

    The store had two 4:3 format fp: the Mitsubishi SD200U (DLP, Faroudja, 2000 lumens, 800x600 pixels, 600:1 contrast), and the In-Focus LP110 (DLP, Faroudja, 1000 lumens, 800x600 pixels, 800:1 contrast, 4x RGBW-color wheel).

    Each fp had its own room for observation with good lighting control. They projected images to 100 inches diagonally on white screens with unity gain.

    With a DirectTV HDTV signal both looked fabulous but different. The 200U looked brighter (more lumens), had a whiter white, and had a more natural color palatte (not overdone). The LP110 had better contrast and the color was more saturated and vibrant. At this point I favored the 200U marginally.

    But then I put on a DVD of movie Matrix. On either I could not see any rainbows or color blurring. On the 200U the movie looked somewhat dim but otherwise pretty good; on the LP110 the movie seemed to be hazy as if viewed through a thin curtain. But worse: it was unwatachably dark (ugh!) no matter which part of the movie I chose. The disc was good since I had just recently watched it on my home TV so I tried adjusting the controls of the LP110. A definite improvement but still much too dark. Then we tried one of their DVD's and the results were the same. The staff was not as much troubled as I but nevertheless suggested possible reasons none of which were provable then and there.

    The next day I called In-Focus tech support and told them of my experience. First they said that in movie mode the effective lumen output is about 60% of the TV mode. They suggested that the DVD player may have been old technology or possibly the bulb was old (you loose 20 to 30% with age)... Tech support also indicated that to "their eye (and money) the X1 was comparable (better than) to the LP110...". They said the trade off was that the 110 had better color (twice as fast color wheel speed) but that the X1 had better contrast (2000:1 rather than 800:1).

    To me a hard white (not creamy), a deep black, and a natural looking color palatte (not overloaded) is what I am looking for. The 200U had the white and the natural color but not the deep black, and the LP110 suited none of my needs. Neither fp delivered adequately for my money.

    But the LP110 is not the X1. So tell me: is the X1 a cheap LP110 that is better in contrast but poorer in color? Can the X1 project a DVD that is not too dark to be observed? Or can anyone reassure me that my experience was probably one of a defective/old/improperly demoed system?

    And what about using a screen with some gain (at the cost of some angular spread) to compensate for dark DVD projection?

    It is hard to find an acceptable fp...and besides in a few months...


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