Anchor Bay Press Release: We All Fall Down (Canada Release)

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    Available on DVD in Canada February 3, 2009

    Stellar Cast Illuminates Dark Drama
    TORONTO, ON - Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada is proud to distribute the DVD of CRiTiCAL MASS Releasing Inc.’s feature We All Fall Down within Canada on February 3, 2009. This cautionary tale depicts the toxic routines shared by a troubled circle of friends looking to escape their painful realities.

    Michael (Darcy Belsher) is a struggling actor whose drug abuse is intensifying; after the death of his mother, he can't quite get a grip on his life. He turns to his best friend, Kris (acclaimed Writer/Director Martin Cummins), a self-destructive artist completely consumed by his own addictions. The two lead tumultuous lives on Vancouver’s seedier streets.

    In one of his early, and edgiest, film roles, Ryan Reynolds (Smokin’ Aces,Van Wilder) plays "Red Shoes" , the strung-out drug dealer who keeps everyone high, while Helen Shaver (The L Word, The Color of Money) is "Sherry", the troubled prostitute who sells her body to pay for her toxic habits. Shaver garnered a Genie Award for "Best Supporting Actress" for this performance. Also included in this star studded cast is Nicholas Campbell (The Border, Da Vinci’s Inquest) as “Bruce”, owner of the coffee shop hangout, Rene Auberjonois (Boston Legal, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is “Tim” the permanent denizen of the front step, and Barry Pepper (Seven Pounds, Flags of Our Fathers) appears as “John”.

    As the key characters struggle to get by, relationships stumble as careers take flight. Support and friendship suffer from betrayal and addiction. For some there is redemption, and for others death. The comedic, the pathetic, the talented and the ruined all walk the same raw streets in a gritty, sensitive, and funny story of survival.

    We All Fall Down was the official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival and received critical acclaim for the casts' strong performances. The film was heralded by the Austin Chronicle as "...gorgeous, richly affecting film" and raved Darcy Belsher's performance, stating "Belsher emerges as the most compelling reason to separate this film from its contemporaries." Variety sees "..considerable thesping talent and visual innovation in "We All Fall Down...".
    Bonus features include "The Making of We All Fall Down" and the original theatrical trailer.

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