ANASTASIA (1956) A question about Alfred Newman's original score

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    My question concerns the score to this classic film by Alfred Newman. In the final scene the dowager Empress (Helen Hayes) is asked by her cousin, Prince Paul what she will tell the guests who have assembled to see Anastasia (Ingrid Bergman) who has fled with Gen. Bounin (Yul Brynner). The dowager replies, "I will tell them, the play is over - go home!"

    There is a piece of music written by Newman underscoring this sequence that is NOT contained on the original album or any of the subsequent re-issues. The 'official' soundtrack does have a track listed as 'End Title' which is really just the 'Main Title' with its 'Russian Easter' prologue lopped off.

    I am interested in knowing two things - first: what is the name of this piece of excised music, and second, is there anyway I can get my hands on a copy of it for a class I am conducting on the importance of music and film.

    [color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:Arial, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:15px;]I bought the CD believing this penultimate orchestral arrangement would be included. Regrettably, this has not been the case. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.[/color]

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