Analog vs Digital out on Kenwood DT-7000S

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Dean_S, Mar 5, 2004.

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    I've had my Kenwood DT-7000S tuner for about a week now and have listened casually for a few hours. I'm giving it some burn in time before I conclude too much about the sound quality of the device. I hooked it up to two inputs on my pre-amp so I can easily switch between analog and optical for comparison purposes. Overall the SQ is about the same as any other tuner I've heard...better then FM but not even close to CD quality. The tinny highs don't seem to be as bad on this tuner (analog or digital) as the Kenwood in my car. The difference between the inputs:
    Analog: Mids are more colored and forward sounding, soundstage is very small (almost sounds mono).
    Digital: Smoother, better sounding mids, bass not as boomy AND some depth and image to the sound...not great soundstage like a CD but much better then FM or the analog input.

    BTW: the 7000s is pretty cool. It looks good, has a great display (but it can't be turned off, just dimmed a little), lots of neat little features I will probably never use like preset "banks" and song searches. Easy to use, easy to setup, decent remote with good range.

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