AMX gear to automate your entire home.

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    I am selling all the AMX gear list below, feel free to make an offer on any item or all the gear.
    NI-700 Master (rack mount included)
    NI-3100 Master (rack mount included)
    Axcent3 Pro (used as slave to NI-700 Master) (rack mount included) (includes X10 interface module to control all you lights and appliance modules)
    ENV-VST-C Color View Stat (latest model)
    Modero: NXT-CV7 With NXA-AVB /Ethernet Breakout Box
    AMX PTM-D15
    MVP-TD5 Dock
    3 or more AMX power supplies to power everything.
    Also throwing in some parts that need repair:
    Modero MVP-8400 (cracked screen - powers up but touch screen is non responsive)
    NXP-TPI4 (power supply bad/blown)
    If you know AMX programming then this is a great system for you (or if you have a friend that can program AMX).
    Any questions feel free to PM me. I can send hi-resolution pictures of any and all gear for sale.
    Thanks for looking.

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