Amphibious 3D (Brian Yuzna Directed)

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    So, I was wondering lately what Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna were up to these days, so I looked them up on IMDB, and found out that Yuzna had directed a monster movie down in Indonesia called, AMPHIBIOUS. It's about a giant marine scorpion. I found a review, basically it says the movie is real bad, but the effects are pretty good. So far it has yet to be released in the states. By the way, Stuart Gordon is directing a musical version of RE-ANIMATOR. I shit you not.


    UNDEAD BACKBRAIN: We’ve met Amphibious before, though it was a brief meeting and you may not recall it. It’s a giant monster film made by genre veteran Brian Yuzna, who rose from the demise of Fantastic Factory to film under the auspices of firstly Halcyon Entertainment, then his own company Komodo Films, having been absent from the cinema as director since the not-overly-successful ghost flick Beneath Still Waters (2005). Previous directorial efforts, however, represent a major contribution to the Horror Film canon, and include the very weird Society (1989), the Re-Animator sequel Bride of Re-Animator (1990), the excellent Return of the Living Dead III (1993), and the just okay second Re-Animator sequel Beyond Re-Animator (2003). Since then, he has given us a series of diminishing returns in Faust: Love of the Damned (2000), the robo-dog film Rottweiler (2004) and the aforementioned Beneath Still Waters, though as “Creative Producer” on Paco Plaza’s Romasanta (2004) he had some input into one of the best, and least-known, werewolf movies of all time.

    The film is currently in post-production, was shot in Stereoscopic 3D, polarized for TH release in Real D / Dolby 3D and will also be available in anaglyph and interactive polarized shutter for video release. It is being distributed by Celcius Entertainment, with an announced release date of May 2010.


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