Amos 8:4-6 as it relates to DVDs (especially those of television series)

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    I earlier had the opportunity to study Amos 8:4-6, about the fact that God hates "making the bushel smaller and the shekel bigger," and I have found that this applies in spades to certain areas of the entertainment business, like DVDs for example. Remember when Anchor Bay tried to pass off #1 of "Roseanne" as being "The Complete First Season" of that show, despite all the episodes being syndicated cuts? This is an example of that; this verse is violated in that they were saying "complete" when it really was nowhere near (in essence, 3-4 min. off each outing disqualifies that release from being complete by any means). This can also be said of all of "ALF," #1 of "The Cosby Show," and #1 of "Mama's Family."

    It also applies (at least for DVD releases) to being dishonest about the people who made certain series (which also means saying that your studio made a series under different ownership than originally stated, or that a different company made it than originally stated, or if you use a different corporate logo than the one that was originally used). An example of this is on the complete release of "Blue Thunder." SPT did not make that series; CPT (under Coca-Cola) did, and that with Rastar and Public Arts. Now, it's one thing if you're showing an older series in syndication to have a newer distribution logo as a closing logo, but if you're putting it out on DVD, you ought to be truthful about who really made it. This is what I've liked about Shout!'s releases of "Marcus Welby, M.D.," "Webster," and "Dennis the Menace": the original Universal, Paramount, and Screen Gems logos were retained. It also applies in reverse, and it's what I've disliked about, for examples, "Miami Vice" and the later releases of "Knight Rider," and that is that fact that the original Universal end cards were excised in favor of Universal's current movie logo at the beginning of each episode. So what I'm saying is, if you're showing it in syndication, use the newer logo all you want, but on DVD releases, the older identity applies.

    So, please do not think that I am trying to preach in this thread; I am simply stating my views as to how the aforementioned Bible verse relates to the topic of this board, and if you find it offensive, you have every liberty to delete it or lock it, however the case may be.

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