Amelie DVD Problem

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    I purchased this DVD when it was first released and put it on my "To be Viewed" rack. Finally got around to opening the package yesterday only to find that disc one was not secured to the hub in the package...which of course caused scratches to the DVD. They didn't look too bad..but after inserting the DVD into the player, I found that I could not access any options from the opening menu..the DVD player would start a search mode and stay in that mode until I stopped pressed "stop". Apparently one of the scratches must be over a part of the indexing information on the DVD. Disc two played fine..but Disc one seems to have a real problem. Anyone know if there is something I can try to cure this problem? I tried to buff the scratches with a soft no avail. I had a two other titles where a disc with unattached and scratched..but both played okay. I now immediately open every new DVD purchase immediately after purchase (usually in my car after I leave the store) to inspect the disc packaging. I had to return three copies of Glengary Glen Ross because one of the disc's was unattached and scratched in the case.

    Anyone know if there was manufacture problem that affected the Menu on the Amelie DVD?

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