Alien and The Biomechanic Symphony?

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    While perusing the Film Score Monthly forum, I came across this tidbit:

    In 2009 during the third edition of festival the prestigious composer Mark Snow, author among other famous TV series of fiction “The X-Files", was the guest conductor. Snow conducted the TF0 & CHOIR performing their music as well as the tribute event dedicated to legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith. At the same time the Orchestra and the Choir performed the music of Jan Kazcmareck and John Ottman under the baton of Navarro who, in the closing concert, conducted the world premiere of "The Biomechanic Symphony" that brings together the most prominent music written for the "ALIEN" franchise.

    During 2010 FOX intends to include "The Biomechanic Symphony", performed for the first time live by the TFO & CHOIR, as an "extra" in the next Blu-Ray release of the Alien Anthology, being the fourth recording of the Orchestra released with international distribution.

    Was this concert ever intended for inclusion in the Blu-Ray set? It probably would've necessitated another disc.

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