Advice on Surround speaker mounts.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by homeaudio, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I am setting up my new media room and need some advice on speaker mounts.System :Onkyo TX-NR709, Blu Ray Player, XboxI have as my Fronts Martin Logan Motion 12's, center of Motion 8 and was thinking of 2 surrounds with Motion 4's.Now the quandary is that the room was pre-wired for 5.1 and am trying to make the existing wiring work for the surrounds partly given it is done.The issue I am struggling with a bit is that the pre-wired surround locations are on the ceiling and have a round ceiling box and is capped with one of these caps ( Arlington CP 3540)Given that I wanted suggestions in terms ofa. What type of ceiling speaker mounts Could be mounted on that box - seems like all that I find won't necessarily cover up that box if I remove the cap.b. From a speaker placement perspective, I have always had my surrounds on the side in a 5.1 setting, will them on the ceiling totally mess up the setup?c. Instead of the Motion 4's as surrounds do I look at in-wall type Say Helos 22's or Helos 12's?If mounting the Motion 12's other thing I thought is just buy a regular ceiling mount , not mess with trying to mount it on the box itself, but then aesthetically I would possibly expose some speaker wire.Any advice would be appreciated

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