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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Girish, Dec 27, 2009.

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    In my living room I have a 60" LCD TV, Infinity Intermezzo 5.1 system run by an EAD signature processor and a rotel RMB-1050 amp. I also have a Sony Blu-ray DVD player and a Rotel DVD player, and dishnetwork satellite. I watch online cricket games, and also want to build a movie library on a hard drive.
    What kind of system would be good? My EAD has 3 digital audio slots still available( no optical). I can either hard wire the ethernet cable from the router or use wireless(more convenient).
    My brother has an x-box connected to a pc and uses its remote to select the movies.
    I can build a computer if someone suggests a setup or can buy a simple one and do the mods.
    I want it to look like a component if possible.
    Ability to use a wireless keyboard-mouse is must. Do they make good wireless keyboard-mouse in one piece?
    I would appreciate the help.

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