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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Thomas_Berg, Apr 9, 2003.

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    well, my tax return is gonna be quite large this year, and i'm considering taking a big step forward from my HK 520 in the next couple of weeks. i'm 100% positive i'll be purchasing something used for the upgrade, and i wanted some opinions before making my decision. i will be keeping my main B&W 602s3's and the LCR600s3 for speakers for the forseeable future (the surrounds are cheap AR's). thus, 6.1 and 7.1 are not important to me anytime in the near future. i'm looking to spend around $1500 here.

    option 1) get a used B&K Ref 30 for around $1100 from a local dealer's b-stock, then use Audiogon to find myself a nice 5-ch amp from Parasound, Rotel, or the like for ~$400.

    option 2) get a used Lexicon DC-1 v4 from a local dealer's trade-in stock for $850, then get the amp i really want from Audiogon (Classe CA-100 or '101) for ~$700 and hold off on the other 3-ch of amplification until i get some more $.

    option 3) new Outlaw 950 + Classe amp. this puts me over budget, but is basically under the same conditions as #2.

    option 4) get a used B&K '305 from local dealer for $1500, and wait on external amplification until a later time.

    i'm currently leaning towards #2 right now, since it combines awesome Lex processing with the amp i really want for my 602s. i'm willing to live with 2-ch (since i listen to music 75% and HT 25%) for a month or two until i can spring for more amps since it'll mean a drastic increase in the quality of my equipment. my only concern is that the Lex has no 5.1 input or even a 2-ch passthrough for my DVD-Audio listening. DVD-A is somewhat important to me, but multichannel DVD-A is really not THAT big of a deal. i would, however, love to at least have a passthrough option.

    this brings me to option #3. the Outlaw has gotten great reviews, but how does it stack up against the B&K or Lexicon pre/pro's? should i even be considering the Outlaw when i can get the Lex used for $50 less?

    option 4 is kinda throwing me off here. yes, it's a receiver, but it seems like a really good deal: a Ref 30 + 5-ch of quality ampage. has anyone A/B'd the Ref 30 beside the '305 or '307? are they sonic twins, or does the amp section effect the sound of the processing in the '307?

    i'm really at a standstill here guys and would very much appreciate your opinions. which would you choose and why?

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