Adding amps to receivers

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by DonnyD, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Just want some thoughts around here about outboard amps hooked to receivers vrs straight ahead processors. I've messed around with outboard amps on my Yam RX-V1 for many years and usually end up swapping amps around at least once a month now. I am currently have every speaker connection possible with the V1...... actually 9 speaker placements with 4 large mains, with a primary sub and two rear supportive subs and I am always impressed with the V1s ability to drive all of'em to reference levels quite easily while never sounding strained. When I add an amp or two to drive at least the mains, the soundstqage seems to really open up and sonically improves over the spectrum. It is really a treat to put in a dvd with a good audio track.
    Just wanted to start up a conversation pit regarding sonic + or - adding amps to receivers vrs processors.........

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