Adding a second coil: nothin. paint: OMG!

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    So I asked around on a few forums about my custom dual 2. Since I am adding a second coil, going from a single 2 layer to a dual 4 layer, I am adding mass and adding double the wire for current. I now have double the windings in the gap. So I asked if my Fs would drop a tad from added mass, efficiency would go up a touch from having double the windings, and if power handling would go up a tad as well as now I have 2 wires sharing the power, thus 1/2 the power going through each wire.

    I was basically told NO.

    Now I put some paint on a cone, and all you experts are like "DUDE you changed your thiele small parameters!"

    Are you guys freakin kidding me?

    And you all spend so much time trying to sound so convincing and take the time to tell me what it did and why... and it's all a big joke.

    But adding double the copper, halving the power/current going through each coil, more glue to hold the 2nd coil to the 1st one, doubling the number of tinsel leads and the glue to hold them, a second anti-tinsel slap pad, the glue to hold that as well..... none of that mattered. But now this super heavy super stiffening paint?

    And inverting a dustcap cuz an employee said not to. Seriousely? We tested the driver and it doesnt dissrupt any airflow so far, and it isn't coming was quite secure before all the paint, and the paint can only help strengthen the bond already present holding this inverted dust cap to the cone.

    Give me a break people.

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