Adcom GFA 7300 5 channel amplifier

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    This amp is in very good condition - all channels work and sound great. Found this info about it online:
    47,000 uF of Power Supply-Filter Capacitance Precision-Matched Devices used throughout signal path Independent Power Supplies for each channel Custom Toroidal Power Transformer Independent Thermal-Overload and Distortion LEDs Large Independent Internal Heatsinks Cooling Vents Gold Plated RCA Jacks and Binding Posts
    It does have some scratches on the top and side ( and has the original barcode taped to the side- not sure why but can be easily removed) It is rated at 60 watts/channel at 8 ohms, 90 watts/channel at 4 ohms RMS but these amps are known for being powerful & very under rated. Great sound for home theater. Front panel looks great and has clipping indicators for each channel.
    Message me with questions - Thanks

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